The Importance of Nutrition

As our first article, we’d like to inform you about the importance of nutrition. People often forget that nutrition is the foundation of achieving any goal. Eating well really can change your life. Not just the way you look, but more importantly the way you feel. Good, nutritious food can give you energy, boost your mood, and even increase your life expectancy. A healthy diet and lifestyle is the closest thing you will find to a fountain of youth!

Our goal is all about helping people to enjoy eating the foods that will make them feel great. It’s simple: eat junk, and you’ll feel rotten; eat nutritious food, and you can feel like a million dollars!

Nutritious, tasty food will give you bags of energy, enabling you to maintain a sensible weight (and lose weight if you need to) which, as well as being healthy, is a great self-esteem booster.

Proper nutrition can help you stay upbeat, and protect you from mood swings and depression. A good diet will also boost your immune system so that your body is able to cope with everyday stress, eliminates any damage the world throws at it, and fights off the bugs and germs that attack you every day.

Poor nutrition quickly leads to low-grade nutritional deficiencies, which may not cause overt symptoms, but likely will make you feel low and off-colour. Some nutrients, such as saturated fats, refined sugars, and salt are prime examples of what promotes risk of serious chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, clogged arteries, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These are the diseases that can take years off your life. By cutting down on this nutritional nastiness, and increasing intake of health-promoting foods, you can add years to your life.

We know that eating well helps us to live well, and also helps us to live longer. The food we eat directly affects our resistance to disease. Healthy eating to live long and well needn’t be a chore: you won’t have to chew your way through meals that taste of sawdust, or spend hours in the kitchen, or spend a fortune on obscure ingredients. If you think life wouldn’t be worth living without the occasional chocolate, fear not! Healthy eating isn’t about deprivation, it’s about moderation. You are allowed treats; in fact, they’re vital.

Our advice is realistic. What’s the point of healthy eating and lifestyle plan that you can’t stick to because it takes too much time, costs a fortune, or leaves you hungry? This isn’t a fad diet – it’s a new way of eating that’s practical, sustaining, and delicious.

Of course, healthy eating is a long-term commitment — not a quick fix or a fad diet — and good nutrition in childhood sets the groundwork for a healthy adult life. The earlier you start eating to beat chronic diseases that generally strike later in life (such as heart disease and stroke), the better the chances are that chronic illnesses will pass you by.

Let our professional trainers guide you through this new lifestyle, and help you reap the benefits of better health and vitality.


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