Make Exercise a Priority on Your Daily To-Do List

With our active lives, it is easy to put exercise and fitness at the bottom of our daily priority list because we don’t recognize any immediate negative effect when we avoid or ignore it. Of course everyone knows they should be doing some form of regular exercise, but people often believe they simply do not have the time needed to focus on their fitness by training regularly and effectively.

When we were young, we had huge physical reserves, but that strength and physical capacity naturally diminishes as we age. We can slow down this natural aging process by engaging in some form of regular exercise, even if we can only spare 10 minutes per day.

Success in life can be measured in many ways and may be dependent upon many variables. But when it comes to your physical health, you can measure your results easily by evaluating how you look and feel, and by your ease of movement as you navigate through daily physical activities.

Consistent exercise, in whatever form (cardio, strength, walking), will help improve your daily energy levels, make you feel better and stronger, both physically and mentally, and will build self-confidence by increasing your physical capacity. Your improved physical presence can actually increase daily productivity.

Where can you start? If time is your enemy and you can only devote 10 minutes a day to your physical well-being, it is certainly better than nothing. Because exercise is so essential and your time may be limited, it is important get the most bang for your exercise buck. To achieve this, I recommend “whole-body” exercise movements whenever possible. Whole-body exercises are movements that work your arms and legs at the same time and against the trunk of your body to maximize their effectiveness over a shorter period of time.

If you have not been exercising on a regular basis, then make sure you start without using any weights (external resistance). Once you do the exercises comfortably for approximately four to six weeks, then you can start adding some light resistance to the exercises.

And remember, stay consistent!


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