Natural Solutions for Headache Relief

Having a headache doesn’t always mean that you should reach for a bottle of pain reliever. There are other ways to get rid of your headache. Relying on over the counter medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen can do damage to your liver if used long-term. Why not try a more natural method to get rid of a headache?


378166_534017163300312_555170922_nBelieve it or not, sometimes the cause of your headache can be due to dehydration. Living on caffeine can deplete your body of water and often when you are busy you forget to rehydrate yourself. Before you reach for a bottle of Tylenol, why not try drinking a bottle of water instead?


Another reason for a headache is hunger. Skip breakfast and by mid-morning you may start to feel the effects of running on empty. Try eating something but avoid junk food. A piece of fruit might give you the fuel that your body needs to get rid of that nagging headache.

Fresh air

If you are cooped up inside a warm, toasty home, maybe the heat is giving you a headache. Grab a coat and go outside for some fresh air. Breathe in the fresh air and you might find your headache will disappear.

Maybe all you need to get rid of that headache is to take a break from what you are doing. Step away from the work that has been consuming you and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and imagine yourself in a happier place. A short daydream can help you release some tension and relieve the headache.


Allow some hot water to loosen the muscles on the back of your neck and upper shoulder area. A shower is a perfect way to unwind and loose a headache. Sometimes headaches are due to stress and a buildup of tension in your body. A nice, relaxing shower can get rid of the headache and get rid of the stress from the day.


Sometimes people will get a headache if they skip their 3 p.m. coffee. Unless you are consciously trying to give this habit up, having the coffee will probably help you to get rid of that headache caused by caffeine deprivation. If you are trying to cut out the 3 p.m. coffee, try having a smaller cup and weaning yourself off coffee gradually to avoid headaches.


Massaging your temples, forehead and back of your neck is a great way to relax your muscles and get rid of a tension headache. Close your eyes and gently massage your temples using slow movements. Breathe deeply as you are doing this and you will feel the tension in your face melt away.

Try these methods the next time you get a headache. You can learn what triggers your headaches and be able to “cure” yourself without always taking pain medication.


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