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Why Diets DON’T Work

by Jesse Meester
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Conventional and traditional fad diets usually do not work. Calorie-counting diets, the ‘point system diet’, and even the high-protein foods diet with no carbs: these will all fail you! Even worse, most of them are tedious, pointless, and downright dangerous to the body.

Sure, they might help you to lose some weight in a few weeks, or even in a few months. In the long run, though, you won’t be able to continue with these fad diets – ultimately, you will gain the weight back, and you won’t do your body any favors.

Fad diets operate by restricting you, and in effect, will usually starve you of something important that your body needs. For example, the extreme high meat protein/low carb diet craze is fundamentally (scientifically and nutritionally) flawed. Every living human being must have complex carbohydrates to function, to think, to create energy, and have a positive attitude.

Most people who stopped eating complex carbohydrates in lieu of primarilly high protein foods seriously suffer from constipation,  mood swings, anger, dizziness, headaches, stomach cramps and depression. In addition, most of these diets restrict the intake of essential fatty acids (EFAs), which is again bad science. EFAs actually help the body to dissolve fat, so to cut out foods in them is like cutting out fat-burning agents.

A diet is not about starving yourself, but rather a lifestyle change to eating an abundance of healthy foods.

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