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Best Perseverance Toward Any Goal

by Justin Glazner
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Best Perseverance Towards Any Goal

It is known as grit. It is a personal attribute found in individuals who are very passionate and dedicated to achieving an objective without submitting to any major distraction or hindrance. Individuals with grit can easily adjust and prioritize their desires that will be supportive of achieving any task.

What does that mean?

Psychologists have been trying to discover the formula required to achieve our ambitions. While many believed that accomplishment comes to those with innate talent, amazing skills, high genes, and maybe high IQ, others believe that fate and luck are required to be successful. Although many of these elements are not effective in creating a miracle formula, according to several studies over any measurable element, having the attribute of grit is the highest predictor for any person who wants to accomplish greatness.

Grit is a hardworking spirit. It is the resilient conviction that ensures that you keep moving forward when you feel like giving up. Grit enables you to rise on your feet after a fall. Grit enables you to realize that achieving your dream is not a sprint, but a marathon.

However, possessing grit can be quite difficult especially in a society that is driven by instant gratification. Studies have proven that one of the most significant indicators of grit is the ability to delay gratification when performing a task. This can appear quite simple but practicing it can be hard particularly in the technological world of today. The major reason popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become very addictive is that they have been able to provide users easy and seamless access to a series of positive support (such as a retweet, post share and like, photo comment, a Twitter feed and so on).

Another attribute of grit is the capacity to be consistent even when faced with significant difficulties. These attribute darts deep into our beliefs based on our self-efficiency and worth and our beliefs that gave rise to the difficulties in the first instance. People having grit don’t consider their difficulties or failures as a basis to quit. Instead, they improvise and use their current condition to become stronger and equip themselves to face further challenges.

How can I use this in my life?

For anyone that wants to accomplish success at any task such as public speaking, algebra, organization, basketball, money management, healthy eating, as well as in marriage, they must be persistent about steering clear of distractions whenever difficulties set in. Of course, being smart, having a unique skill set, and being at the right location at the right time have their role to play in accomplishing success, but it is the gritty attributes that will be most significant in your endeavors. There is no alternative shortcut. To get what you want, you really need to work hard. Fortunately, you can learn to become gritty and some things can be done to learn the important attributes.

Control your distractions

There is always something in our lives that tends to distract us from the important things. This can be television, social media, our addictions, or unhealthy relationship which only provide temporary rewards. Find out your distractions, discover the rewards it offers and when you are tempted, try to remember the ultimate reward you are really after. 

Eliminate your fixed mindset

The rewards achievable from being successful don’t just appear suddenly on the feet of those who are lucky, blessed, or privilege. You must sweat for it if you truly desire because talent is earned.

Face your fears of failure

Everybody fails and usually faced with a degree of difficulty. The truth is that you will encounter a level of failure to be successful in anything. This won’t make you vulnerable when taking the first step.

Develop your early rewards

It is very easy to become discouraged whenever there is a very big task in front of you. But once you break it into smaller parts and reward yourself whenever you complete a task, you will be conscious of your achievements and stay inspired to concentrate on the current task. 


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