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Chocolate, Why eat it during menstruation?

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Although many people consider themselves to be “chocolate lovers”, women are the ones who most often feel this desire, but it increases prior to their menstrual days.

Did you know that eating chocolate during menstruation could be beneficial? When a woman reaches the top of her menstrual cycle, she tends to crave certain sweeter foods like chocolate, but why does this happen?

Women, unlike men, tend to present emotional ups and downs more frequently, this in many cases, does not have a coherent reason why they react in which or such a way. Hormonal imbalance is part of that including low magnesium and endorphin.

Therefore, due to these “emotional lows”, certain organs, including the brain, are responsible for sending signals of needing the ingestion of chocolate. Chocolate contains one of the happiness hormones, endorphin, eating chocolate helps to feel well-being and pleasure in the brain, among other benefits.

However, the intake of wanting to eat chocolate is not only subject to the pleasure of wanting to taste this delicious sweet, but it is also a signal for women that there is a low magnesium and this mineral is found within the properties of chocolate.

In such a way that there are several reasons why eat chocolate during menstruation and knowing them will allow us to put aside that feeling of guilt for eating a few pieces of chocolate during the period.

Hormones and the desire to eat chocolate

Although many people consider themselves to be “chocolate lovers”, women are the ones who most often feel this desire, but it increases before their menstrual days .

It is a desire that is often uncontrollable and is felt with more intensity, this is due to various reasons that are linked to the production of hormones and the habits that have been had throughout the menstrual cycle, that is, the entire month.

Not everything depends on when you feel the greatest desire to consume sweet, but it is closely related to what has been done during the month, since the previous days are when the hormones are more balanced.

In our body there are certain organs that are responsible for regulating hormones . So when you have these uncontrollable urges it has to do with the production of estrogens.

Estrogens have the function of maintaining a balanced hormonal situation and a more stable control of food intake. When estrogens get too low (this happens in the days leading up to a period) it puts the brain in a state of alert.

So when this happens , the control of hunger and satiety is unbalanced , that is when the body intensely demands food, especially sweets, chocolate and processed foods.

In the second stage of the menstrual cycle, the progesterone phase begins , right there metabolic and physical changes begin where the body looks for all the conditions to manage a successful pregnancy.

These are even reasons why women act and think differently than usual, presenting mood swings, mood (sadness, anger) is governed mainly by hormones.

Why eat chocolate during menstruation?

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has nutritional and beneficial properties for the body, which help to better cope with those days when the period is present.

  • It contains magnesium: When the woman has a low magnesium during these days the pain intensifies more and the dark chocolate has this mineral, that is why when ingesting it relief is perceived . Relax the muscles of the uterine wall .
  • Contains potassium: During menstruation, women tend to swell and have fluid retention, a few pieces of chocolate can help balance this discomfort, since it has potassium and a certain amount of electrolytes that are responsible for leveling the amount of water in the body .
  • Contains iron: On the days of the period there is some blood loss and therefore a small drop in iron, this causes the woman to feel slower when performing any activity.

Dark chocolate contains about 11mg of iron that helps to better oxygenate the red cells found in the blood and therefore feel more active .

  • Contains flavonoids: Flavonoids have the function of regulating blood flow and chocolate has antioxidants and flavonoids so it generates better blood flow and reduces those annoying painful cramps .

Benefits of eating chocolate in your days

Eating chocolate during menstruation provides great benefits that become a total relief for women , in addition to being a divine dessert.

  • Increases the state of happiness thanks to the fact that it has serotonin.
  • Provides more radiant skin, as it helps detoxify the body.
  • Reduce stress levels.
  • Generates a feeling of well-being.
  • Increase cognitive agility.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • It serves as an antidepressant.


Remember that all the activities you do in the month will influence the intensity of the suffering of those annoying symptoms of menstruation. Stress, poor diet, little rest, are some of the factors that cause a sudden drop in estrogen.

If, on the other hand, there is a healthier behavior such as doing physical exercise, working on mental control, controlling stress, if you take into account all these aspects for the next menstrual cycle, you will not suffer from such sudden changes .

You will have less pain, it will not decrease magnesium levels , you can go through the menstrual phase in a more moderate way.

Then put the following into practice :

  • Pay more attention to your habits.
  • Avoid late nights.
  • Practice a healthy diet.
  • Implement an intermittent fasting.
  • Incorporate physical exercise.
  • Try to drink enough water.
  • Take care of your intestinal health.

Eating chocolate during menstruation provides benefits , but it is recommended that this be quality and dark chocolate , since those that are made from milk contain a higher percentage of sugar and are not so pure, therefore, they greatly lose their nutritional properties.

Avoid excesses, especially when consuming this deliciously sweet, it can be addictive and in small and controlled portions it is advisable to consume it, but exceeding the limits can be counterproductive.

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