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Diet to increase muscle mass: 4 essential ingredients

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Recommendations to increase muscle mass through diet and a regulated diet.

Many people tend to believe that losing weight is more difficult than gaining weight since most just eating the daily amounts of meals in regular servings immediately gain weight. But this is not the case for everyone, there are those who must follow a diet to increase muscle mass in a rigorous way because otherwise, they will not gain weight. 

If you are one of the people with a very slim composition and you usually eat all kinds of foods and even those that do not have a high nutritional value such as sweets, desserts and fast foods, and still do not understand why you are not gaining weight, it is probably due to the combination of those foods, your lifestyle and physical activity. 

There are several factors that influence when wanting to increase muscle mass , that is why we must know what foods provide us, how much, how and when to consume them according to the caloric and protein composition that it can provide us.

Diets are not the same for everyone , starting with the fact that most are looking for a diet to reduce weight and some others want to get a diet to increase muscle mass, but none is universal, diets are adjusted to each individual with respect to your weight, size, physical activity and the goal you want to achieve. 

However, it is important to find out in a general way what are the types of food that should be consumed more frequently, which ones not and why. In this way we can better understand how the body works in relation to our diet and know what to take into account to increase muscle mass . 

What foods to include in your diet?

You probably think that the ideal is to consume all the foods that are put in front of you, but perhaps this has not worked. For this reason it is important to know what foods you should eat and why. 

In this way you can adapt a diet that helps you increase muscle mass and achieve that appearance you want or to improve your health. Since there are people who due to suffering from a disease lose their muscle mass to a great extent and need a diet rich in calories and protein to increase and maintain their muscles.

Here are some foods you should keep in your diet to increase muscle mass: 


The egg is usually the most recommended food by athletes, physical trainers and nutritionists, it is one of the most complete foods. 

The white is composed of albumin, it contains around 80% water and proteins, in the yolk there is also water, protein and also lipids. A high performance athlete can consume up to 6 eggs a day. 

So your intake will vary according to taste and how you want to balance it with your meals. Within the nutritional recommendations after waking up between 20 and 30 minutes later, you should eat food. 

In such a way that you can consume 1 or 2 boiled eggs while you prepare to make breakfast and other tasks that involve the mornings. 

This not only provides proteins, it also benefits the body with vitamin A, D, B2, B 12, it has minerals such as selenium, iodine, iron and zinc . This means that it is a rich source of energy that is very important for increasing muscle mass. 

Its consumption must be cooked, if it is eaten raw, all its nutrients cannot be absorbed and it can cause salmonella. 

Dairy products

Milk : Although there is a dilemma regarding the consumption of milk of animal origin, some experts still argue that it is a good source of protein, in addition to containing lactose, water, vitamin E, calcium and carbohydrate.   

It can be eaten alone or supplemented with other foods such as cereals. In case you cannot consume this type of milk, you can substitute for almond milk. 

Cheese: Being a derivative of milk, it contains a high protein content and also has calcium, in turn provides vitamin D. 

Ideally, it should be fresh cheese and you can accompany it with a slice of bread, which serves as a complement and balance because you would be consuming carbohydrates that are also essential to increase muscle mass. 

Yogurt: Yogurt provides about 3.5% protein, as well as contains a high percentage of water, between lipids and carbohydrates it has 6.5%. You can consume it natural or with fruit flavor. 


Meats are the foods with the highest source of protein, this is important to increase muscle mass . You can consume white meat, either chicken or fish, and red meat that can be beef. 

For every 100 grams of meat you can get about 30 grams of protein, it also has vitamins A, C, B12, it contains iron and phosphorus.

Grains or legumes

It is believed that protein is only obtained from animal origin, but in reality it can also be obtained in those foods that are of plant origin such as beans, lentils and soybeans.

These must be combined with foods rich in amino acids, including rice, eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, among others. 

It is important to bear in mind that when consuming vegetable protein it must be accompanied by other foods rich in carbohydrates to increase the calories between 400 to 500 calories per protein. 

In this way it is achieved that I synthesize better and when performing physical activity you consume the energy provided by caloric foods instead of the energy provided by protein, in this way it will remain in the body to enhance muscle hypertrophy and reduce fatigue . 

Recommendations to increase muscle mass 

When starting the diet to increase muscle mass you should take into account the following : 

  • There is no magic diet, you must have perseverance, patience and maintain the frequency.
  • It includes the natural fat obtained from avocado, olive oil and nuts.
  • Natural fats provide ideal macronutrients to preserve your health.
  • Know the nutritional content of the foods you eat.
  • The amount of calories must be greater than the amount that is burned. 
  • Consume carbohydrates found in bread, pasta, fruits, legumes, and vegetables.
  • Eat carbohydrates before, during and after physical activity.
  • Exercise with weight.
  • Avoid doing cardio exercises for a long time, you can use them for 5 to 10 minutes as a warm-up. 
  • Do not skip meals, try to maintain a stable schedule. 
  • Get enough water. 
  • Respect the time of sleep. 
  • Do not take any supplements before consulting with a nutritionist. 

These are some recommendations and food suggestions that can help you on how to follow a diet to increase muscle mass , but it is important that before submitting to it you go to a specialist and have more exactly what suits you. 

And remember that having a healthy diet improves your health. 

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