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How do fruits work against weight loss?

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Fruits have a large amount of essential micronutrients for the body. However, the sugar content of some of them makes their consumption recommended in a limited way.

If you are choosing to follow a diet to achieve weight loss, you must carefully monitor what you are going to consume. It is always important to have adequate nutritional information for those foods that can provide benefits to the diet , and those that are not really necessary at all. 

Next, the group of fruits will be addressed, essential in the plane of a varied and balanced diet . These foods have vitamins and micronutrients essential for health and we can consume those that we like the most. However, some fruits will add value to your diet.

Effect of fruits against weight loss


Grapes are high in sugar and rich in minerals. It also has properties that allow them to take care of the bones and prevent some diseases such as Alzheimer’s and colon cancer. This is due to the presence of some phytonutrients in its composition, tannins, with marked antioxidant properties, as stated in an article published in the journal “Molecular Neurobiology”.

However, adding it to a diet will not provide any weight loss effects. Rather depending on the type of grape harvested per season, somebody fat could be gained. This is due to its low fiber content and its contribution to simple sugars. In these cases, it is better to consume it in moderation.

Custard apple

This fruit against weight loss does not have a significant influence. Its consumption can be done at any time without obtaining any type of extra bodily benefit. It has a high sugar content, is low in fat and protein. Although it does provide minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, and sufficient fiber content. This could regulate the digestive system.


A very beneficial and appetizing fruit to eat. It is usually accompanied in many food dishes, and it is highly recommended that people who have metabolic problems or disorders consume it. 

Eating half an avocado a day is equivalent to a high calorie and fat portion for the body. There are no studies to support weight gain from avocado. But, due to its high-calorie content, it is best to moderate your intake.


Coconut is also high in calories and sugars. Coconut oil or milk has been shown to contain the same amount of saturated fat as an equivalent piece of meat.

Although there are people and experts who mention the benefits of these fruits against weight loss, it is necessary to regulate their consumption. However, its regular intake may offer benefits at the cardiovascular level.


The ripe banana offers a high content of iron, potassium, and fructose. Consistently consuming foods that contain considerable amounts of fructose during a diet can cause changes in metabolism and adverse effects than expected. This nutrient is associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome, as stated in a study published in 2019.

However, eating at least one banana a day will not produce some kind of side effect in our body .


This fruit has a high sugar content and a large number of nutrients. In addition, it is free of fat and cholesterol although this does not imply that it favors weight loss. Its consumption is highly recommended, as it helps areas of the body such as bones and the digestive system. It is also helpful in preventing diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and heart problems.

The recommendation in this regard is to include mango as part of a varied diet. However, you should not base its consumption on the idea that it will cause you to lose too many kilos. On the contrary, if you consume it in excess, your glucose levels could be altered.

Being overweight, one of the enemies of public health

Obesity and being overweight are problems that have transcended worldwide. Recent statistics made by the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2016, announced that more than 1.9 billion adults around the world are in a condition of overweight, and within that amount, 650 million suffer from obesity.

Which has created a state of alert in the world population, causing many people to want to lose weight. However, to do so, you have to start by taking care of your diet. It is at this point where dilemmas are often created about what is healthy to eat, and what really is not.

The consumption of fruits is important when preparing a varied diet. However, it is necessary to increase the consumption of those that offer a greater amount of nutrients and fiber.

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